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Institute of Diploma Studies a constituent Asiatic Institute of Science & Technology is a leading institute offering multi disciplinary programmes in Diploma in Engineering. It is approved by Government of Gujarat and AICTE. It is located in peaceful and sylvan surroundings, about 3 kms. from Gondal. It is also easily accessible from the Rajkot District. A disciplined, serene and pleasant environment envelops the campus. It blends beautifully with the green landscaping, aesthetic elegance of arches and the vibrant pursuit of knowledge by the young aspirants. The academic ambience gives full scope for group activities, which are plenty, as also to individual pursuits for development on preferred tracks.

Exposure to such environment helps the students to develop good communication skills, an integrated personality and greater competitive spirit.


Mr. Gopalbhai Bhuva

Karma in life is the best way to safely. But the selfless selfless work only gives true happiness in life. The ideal person in my life is my parents, Swami Vivekananda and Lord Shri Krishna. My understanding is that, worldly life is full of war. Conflicts of interest in the life of a human being remain the same. Often our mental state is similar to Arjuna. Often human beings try to escape from karma by putting a weapon. Karma yoga makes us equal to Arjuna in the same situation.
• Determine the goal of life and develop self-confidence.
• Be very skilled and have absolute faith in God.
• Laughing smiling lightly treat yourself with all the people involved.
• Do not get angry at others and forgive others for their mistake or crime. Always be positive in your life and always be helpful to others.

Young people want us to understand, our sufferings know someone, we know someone's desire, listens to us, stops our backs, shows our mistake, removes our confusion, there are fewer family members who have played such role in the unfortunate family And even in many schools or colleges, this hunger of youth is not satisfied.   Asiatic organization has decided to play this important role. It is our duty to understand the mentality of the youth, to speak to them, to solve the problem, to identify them, to believe in them, to put faith in them and to lead them in every aspect of life, and that is my life principle.

The Trust of

Dhananjay Education Trust

Dhananjay Education Trust has a simple aim, it is to help children and young people in India to get a good education. DET is working to improve education in India. DET specialises in developing creative, innovative approaches to providing access to learning in these challenging environments. Much of our current work takes place in Gujarat, and its success is due to our belief that programmes should be designed and managed locally.

It is through education that we can best help to alleviate poverty in India. Each year of education increases a persons life long earnings. The children of educated women are more likely to be healthy and more likely to become educated themselves. The Dhananjay Education Trust works at places which have been affected not only by poverty, famine and drought but which have also been affected by conflict and war.



To be a Globally-Socially conscious institute of research and innovation with excellence in professional education to take up the challenges of change for benefit of the society.

• To provide Knowledge with Academic Excellence and to make our Students better Technocrats & Professionals, so that they chart out their own path of Success and possess Perfection in their endeavors.
• To guide our Students to be better Technocrats & Professionals with the quality to pave the way for creating a better tomorrow for our Nation.
• To provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation to maximize individual Potential.
• To ensure students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.



To empower Young Generations for substantial contribution to economical, technological and social progress of the society.



Academic Excellence, Respect for individual, Creativity, Concern for society.